Thursday, March 25, 2010

Update in Pictures

Just a few things that I've done since I last blogged:

Some of the last basketball games of the season.

The most snowfall that I have ever witnessed.

Brody turned one.

Andy's last Upward game of the season.

My preacher turned 65 - welcome to medicare.

Visited the Weston Gardens with Uncle D's sisters.

Checked the progress of Caron & Mark's new home.

Kynadie had her tonsils & adnoids taken out and I hung out with her a couple of days while she was recuperating.
Last weekend, two of my brothers and I made a trip to Louisiana to check on some loved ones there. God graciously let us visit with Bud just 5 days before he passed away. He gave our family some great memories in the 90 years that he lived.