Sunday, January 24, 2010

A House Divided

Uncle D and I just watched NFC Championship Game and were rooting for different teams:

Uncle D's VS. Aunt J's

Not that I am gloating but the New Orlean Saints won over the Minnesota Vikings, 31 to 28. The Saints will be playing the Indianapolis Colts in the Superbowl. Yeah Saints !!!!


How cute are these two cousins:

More Saturday Fun

Uncle D & I have made the past 2 Saturday Upward games of my 5 year old great nephew and 9 year old great niece. Fun times:

Saturday Fun

Upward Basketball season has started again this year. The first week, I knew I would not be making those games as my great nephew is playing school basketball and I haven't been able to make may of his games due to work and he had a tournament that day. Sure enjoyed watching a him play:

Between his games, we went to visit Uncle D's sister and her family new home site. At the time, they had forms set up to start the construction of the the house. I know they will be so glad to have their own home again soon.

Not Pretty - Start to 2010

I started my 2010 work year with a bang. On Monday, 01/04/2010 as I was going from my car to the entrance to go to work, I tripped on an uneven place in the parking garage and went face first into the concrete. As I landed, I felt my front two teeth breaking. I had Uncle D take a picture more for insurance purposes but also to document my red neck look:
My wonderful dentist and his staff, got me in on Tuesday, 01/05/10 and did a GREAT job with a temporary fix as I will need crowns on both teeth but had to wait for insurance authorization for that. I received a letter just this weekend notifying that the authorization has been given so I'll be visiting my dentist in the next week or so to get those crowns. As I reflect back, I see God's hand of protection on me that day. Basically, my only injuries were a couple of busted lips, facial scrapes and the broken teeth. It could have been so much worse.