Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Uncle D's is talented

I just noticed that this is the 200th post to our blog and I think it is quite fitting that I use it to showcase some of Uncle D's photos taken while we were travelling this weekend. I think they are pretty good if I say so myself:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

33 and counting

Uncle D & I took off Thursday morning on a weekend getaway for our 33rd wedding anniversary. We headed north and then east and landed in Van Buren, AR that evening. We enjoyed the sights between home and Van Buren, with a few photo ops for Uncle D. We got up early Friday morning 'cause day break, cloudy days and sunset are some of the best times of the day to take pictures. After about an hour of picture taking, we headed back to eat and get ready for the day. We then headed north out of Van Buren on some curvy backroads towards our friend's farm in Missouri. We had some fun when the GPS took us on a rabbit chase down some country dirt roads. Uncle D had some great photo ops during that rabbit chase. We made it to Missouri about 3:45 that afternoon and then went to dinner at Logan's Steakhouse in Springfield for our anniversary celebration.
Saturday morning found us and our friends out in search of some photo ops for Uncle D. Uncle D was trying to get pictures of some Amish out in their buggies but the Amish do not have their pictures taken if they can help it so we were being covert in this activity. It was kinda fun trying to catch these photo ops. He did get a great one of two Amish ladies in their buggy eating McDonald's hamburger and chicken sandwich as they were traveling on the side of the highway. We went by Laura Ingalls Wilder's home place and then to the MO National Cemetery 'cause Uncle D really enjoys taking pictures of old cemeteries and National Cemeteries. After being out about 6 - 6 1/2 hours we headed back to the house to rest and I enjoyed watching "An Affair to Remember". While I was watching the movie, Uncle D and our friends walked to a neighboring farm so that he could take some pictures of an old barn. I'm glad I didn't go 'cause Uncle D climbed up in the barn loft and I'm sure I would have strongly discouraged him in that quest. He did get some good pictures of the barn.
We headed home today and stopped in Tulsa to have lunch with my nephew and his wife. It was a great visit and then we headed the rest of the way home. We are back to work tomorrow and this was my last vacation days until the end of October or maybe the end of November. It was a great time with friends and family.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Ok, so last night was the season finale of In Plain Sight and I stayed up longer than I should have on a Sunday evening knowing that I have to start my work week the next day. To my sad surprise, I woke up at 3:50 am this morning and could not go back to sleep. So I wandered down the hall and then back to bed. As I'm climbing into bed, I notice a little red light on something down beside the head of the bed. I pulled it out and realized that my heated mattress pad had somehow gotten turned on. And I wondered why I am waking up hot when the air conditioner is running? I have a feeling that tonight will be a 8:00 bed time for me. Happy Monday!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Time - McColloughs

My great niece and nephew were visiting their Nanny & Pepaw week before last and I took the day off on Thursday to have a little family time. The girls headed to the square for a little fun & shopping:

Ceramic Painting and Tiling at the Bisque House

Lunch with the Girls When we got home from the square, we found the boys (who had been bowling with Pepaw) chowing down on some Taco Bueno.

We later headed for some shopping at Sam Moons and then dinner at Marcy's where we had more family time:

Cayley & Brody

Margaret, Brenda, Cayley & Brody

Andy and Payton
Indiana Jones aka Reagan
A Star Wars Character aka Ben

Buzz Lightyear aka Ben

We had some good backyard fun:

I just love my family.

Family Time - Wardens

Last weekend, we had a great time of fellowship and fun with Uncle D's mom's side of the family - the Wardens. It actually started the Wednesday evening before, when I attended the bridal shower for the now Lael & Andy Parks:
The Hostesses

The Bride's Family with Grandmother & Great Aunt

The Bride & the moms.

The Warden Family

The Bride's immediate family

The First Dance as husband & wife

The sisters doing the Hoedown Throwdown

Mr. & Mrs. Andy Parks