Sunday, June 27, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Uncle D's mom & dad made the long trek from Albuquerque to visit with us last week. They arrived on Friday - the same day that the car that I drive to work had a hose to bust & my brother - the hero saved the day. He and one of his wrecker drivers happened to be at the airport which is about 3 miles from my work to pick up a car so my car was nearly on the way back to the shop. I was thankful that they didn't have to make the 30 mile trip just for me. I digress, due to to before mentioned car trouble, Uncle D & his parents came to pick me up & if you know anything about rush hour traffic, you know that Friday is the worst. So Uncle D's mom got to feel a little of my pain. The redeeming factor in this situation was that we ate dinner that evening at Pappeduex which was delicious.

Saturday morning found us at Uncle D's work touring the facilities - a much better event than the last time because of Uncle D's sweet little ride:

After the tour, we ran errands and then went home & chilled out. Later that evening Uncle D's sisters and family came by and we enjoyed some family time.

Sunday, Father's Day, found us at church and later that evening at Spring Creek for some family fun:

Monday found Uncle D & I back to our respective jobs and Uncle D's sisters had some quality time with their mom & dad. They left Thursday for their trek back home & with the exception of a rock chipped windshield that I understand was fixed in Amarillo, they arrived back home safe & sound Friday. All in all, it was a GREAT visit and we enjoyed it very much.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life in Pictures Since I Last posted

Enjoyed Wildman Phil's presentation:

Jodi & Justin's Wedding:

Saturday morning Upward Soccer:

High School Graduates honored:

Andy's Birthday Party:

The first of the Reeve's summer Birthday parties:

On Memorial Day, Uncle D & I went to the DFW National Cemetery to watch the sunrise and to take picures. While there was touched by all the people who came out to honor their loved ones that morning. Helped me to remember that freedom is not free.

Church Camp at Timberline Baptist Encampment in Lindale, TX. It rained 5 inches, Wednesday and Thursday but still a good week: