Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Time - McColloughs

My great niece and nephew were visiting their Nanny & Pepaw week before last and I took the day off on Thursday to have a little family time. The girls headed to the square for a little fun & shopping:

Ceramic Painting and Tiling at the Bisque House

Lunch with the Girls When we got home from the square, we found the boys (who had been bowling with Pepaw) chowing down on some Taco Bueno.

We later headed for some shopping at Sam Moons and then dinner at Marcy's where we had more family time:

Cayley & Brody

Margaret, Brenda, Cayley & Brody

Andy and Payton
Indiana Jones aka Reagan
A Star Wars Character aka Ben

Buzz Lightyear aka Ben

We had some good backyard fun:

I just love my family.


Nana said...

I don't think Ben was a Power Ranger, I believe he was one of the Star Wars characters.

Uncle D and Aunt J said...

Thanks Nana for correcting my error. Power Ranger or Star Wars Character, they are all the same to me....