Friday, November 27, 2009

What a Thanksgiving!!! & We are truthfully Thankful

Tuesday afternoon, Uncle D, called me at work which is about an hour from home to say "the EMT's are here working on me, I may be having a heart attack". Needless to say I went into panic mod. After wrapping up what I could at work I headed towards home not knowing where I was going. After another call, I found out that everything was levelling off and what hospital Uncle D was being taken to. I head that way and when I got there this is what I found:

By the time he got to the hospital his heart "episode" had subsided and he was feeling a little washed out but much better. As he was being monitored, his heart rhythm was not quite right so he was admitted. After seeing the cardiologist, we were told that this heart rhythm episode was quite dangerous and could have ended in cardiac arrest. We know that God's hand of protection was on Uncle D that afternoon. He had a couple of test with fairly good results on Wednesday and Thursday, enjoyed his Thanksgiving lunch at the hospital. Surprisingly, he said it wasn't bad even for hospital food. He will have his last test/procedure this afternoon which will check out the electrical circuits of his heart to determine which of the 2 conditions he might have that caused this and hopefully get a fix so that if it happens again, his heart will regulate fairly quickly. I want to thank my brother, Ronnie, and our pastor, Bro. Jerry for being there Tuesday evening when I didn't know what I'd find at the ER and Uncle D's sisters and BIL for being there Wednesday during the heart cath. I also want to thank all our friends and family that have prayed for us this week, for the comments on FB and the visits. You all are such blessings in both our lives and we love you all.

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marcy said...

We love you both and are praying for you guys!