Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not Pretty - Start to 2010

I started my 2010 work year with a bang. On Monday, 01/04/2010 as I was going from my car to the entrance to go to work, I tripped on an uneven place in the parking garage and went face first into the concrete. As I landed, I felt my front two teeth breaking. I had Uncle D take a picture more for insurance purposes but also to document my red neck look:
My wonderful dentist and his staff, got me in on Tuesday, 01/05/10 and did a GREAT job with a temporary fix as I will need crowns on both teeth but had to wait for insurance authorization for that. I received a letter just this weekend notifying that the authorization has been given so I'll be visiting my dentist in the next week or so to get those crowns. As I reflect back, I see God's hand of protection on me that day. Basically, my only injuries were a couple of busted lips, facial scrapes and the broken teeth. It could have been so much worse.

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