Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation 2009 Recap

After such a long day on Sunday, we all got up Monday to do some sightseeing in the area. Richard was in search of a fishing sight named Coyote Creek and led us down a very bumpy dirt road. After we found that the road was leading to no where, the girls headed back to Angel Fire while the guys continued their quest to locate Coyote Creek. When we got to Angel Fire, we went to see some sights around Angel Fire and this is known as the AFLAC house. A multi million dollar home owned by a top executive of AFLAC:
After the guys returned from their search, we all headed out to see the Enchanted Circle. The first stop was Taos, where we had a yummy lunch at:

After lunch and a stop at Walmart to get fishing licenses for Uncle D and Richard, we headed for the Rio Grande River Gorge. It was an awesome sight that my pictures don't do justice:

After a while at the Rio Grande River Gorge, we headed to Red River where we enjoyed some ice cream at:

After Red River we headed back to Angel Fire to enjoy some Taco Soup that Bonnie made for all of us. While in Angel Fire, we were able to keep connected with WIFI and laps tops:

Tuesday morning we started our day with a walk around Angel Fire. Most of the roads are uphill and make for a good workout. While walking we saw some pretty sights:

We then headed out to the first Vietnam Memorial ever established between Angel Fire and Eagle's Nest:

From the Vietnam Memorial the Bakers headed out for the rest of their vacation to include Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park. We truly enjoyed their fellowship. The rest of us headed to view a house that is for sell and hopefully our new friends will be blessed to buy:

Wednesday, Richard, Bonnie, Uncle D and I headed out do a little fishing. We all caught at least one fish each at the gravel pit lakes:
Then we headed to the Palisades where Richard and Uncle D were able to do some fly fishing:

After our fishing we headed back to clean up and get ready to go to Taos, NM for church with a precious young couple who are church planters there.
Thursday was a lazy day at the condo. Richard did go do some fishing. Later that day, Uncle D and Richard installed a new stove and microwave at the condo. That evening we shared delicious Chinese meal with other friends that came from Borger to Angel Fire for the weekend.
Friday morning, we started our trip home, the first leg to Borger. The following are some sites that we saw as we travelled:

Saturday, we headed out from Borger and made our way back home arriving about 2:30.

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