Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Memories

I just love receiving pictures of friends and families at Christmas. I keep all of them and enjoy going back and comparing the families and how they change. Several years ago, I worked with a couple of special ladies and these are my memories:

One friend I worked with via telephone, she worked out of her home and I was one of her contacts in the office. I have memories of talking with her and one of her girls standing behind her in her chair in her home office. She has faithfully sent pictures each year of the girls. This was in 1995 (I think):

I received this picture just last week:

Her girls have grown into beautiful young women, nearly as beautiful as their mom.

I have other memories of setting at the lunch table at work talking with a friend who always was working on some type of craft or sewing project while we talked. At that time, she shared a lot about her teenage kids. She too has faithfully sent pictures over the years. This one was in 1998:

This one was received this year. I have enjoyed seeing the additions to her family and how the grandkids have grown.

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