Sunday, March 1, 2009


Uncle D and I headed out Friday afternoon in search of some photo ops for Uncle D. He really wanted to capture some of the spring blooms and wanted a woodsy backdrop. I remembered all the trips we used to make to Lousiana as a family and the piney woods of E. Texas so off we went down 287. Just past Richland Chambers, Uncle D sighted something interesting so off the road we went. Here he is at work: Taking this picture: After a couple more stops for photo ops, we wound up in: We found an Applebees and had a very healthy dinner and followed it with DQ blizzards. You can hardly find a DQ in our area. The blizzards were very good and sinfully rich. After dinner, Uncle D wanted to catch the sunset but after dinner the sun was setting fast so we went into the Walmart parking lot and caught some pictures. This is mine, Uncle D's will be much better but he will take time to manipulate it to perfection and I didn't want to wait:
Saturday, we headed to our friend's farm in E. Texas so Uncle D could get into the woods instead of just photographing from the outside in. Since the temperature had dropped drastically, I let him go find his photo ops on his own. I stayed in with my friend and actually got them set up on facebook so that they can enjoy FB as much as I do. We came home Saturday night, so that we could get up and be ready for church and our ministry opportunities on Sunday.

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