Sunday, March 29, 2009

Great Sunday

Our Sunday started this morning getting our food finalized to take for our church Friend and Family Day lunch. Then off to church where I was blessed to have children's church duing the morning service. After a great lunch, I really enjoyed the music presented by the Shiloh's in our afternoon service:
We were able to get home and take a short afternoon nap before we headed to the ball park to enjoy the first baseball game of the season where Reagan was the starting pitcher:

He did a great job pitching. At bat, he had 2 singles, 1 RBI and scored 2 runs: His number #1 fan, his mom, sat on the opposing team's side to socialize and stay warm cause their bleachers were in the sun:

After the game, we went to Parton's Pizza to enjoy some yummy pizza and fun:

All in all it was a great Sunday.

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Cayley said...

Parton's! Man, I love that stuff and I've only had it once, last summer.