Sunday, May 31, 2009

Boy Was I Disappointed

We purchased a new refrigerator last weekend and were anticipating delivery of the same on Thursday. I started Monday, taking all the pictures, magnets and general refrigerator personality off and Tuesday evening cleaned the cookbooks and baskets that are stored on the top. Wednesday evening, I cleaned most of everything out and loaded up our freezer and little drink refrigerators with a lot of the contents of the fridge, Uncle D turned the water supply off to the ice maker and I even clean underneath so that the new one would be ready to be installed. Thursday morning we dumped the ice out of the ice maker into an ice chest and put the rest of the contents into the ice chest knowing that I would be loading it all up into my new larger fridge. By Thursday afternoon, we had heard nothing about the delivery of the new fridge so I called the store to see what was up and was advised that the delivery was scheduled for Thursday, 06/04/09 not Thursday, 05/28/09. Boy was I disappointed. Uncle D even mentioned that the plain refrigerator, absent of all it's personality is really bugging him. Needless to say, we won't have as much to do this week to prepare for the delivery and the personality will be back in place Thursday evening.

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