Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday not so fun & Fun

I have an older car that I use to make my 60 mile round trip commute to work each day. When we have company I park it on the side of the house, between the drive and back yard. Well that is where it has been since March when my friend from Missouri and Uncle's little sister's family visited. It's time for an oil change in my Honda so, I went to pull the older car out Thursday evening and the battery was as dead as a door nail. Saturday morning, we had to jump start the car with the cables pulled from the front of that car to the back since we couldn't get a car pulled to the front of it. After a lot of finagling, Uncle D finally got the car started. Later, I pruned all the little pecan trees that have grown in our monkey grass and flower bed. Have I ever told you I am not a fan of yard work so that was the not so much fun part of our Saturday.

All was not lost 'cause we enjoyed celebrating a friend's eighth birthday that evening:

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