Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pleasant Surprise

Friday morning, I received an award at work and I had a choice of several things including a tent, cookware, sunglasses and this is what I ended up selecting:

A musical dream come true, the new iPod makes the most of your music and more. With 120GB of storage, iPod classic can hold up to 30,000 songs, 150 hours of video, or 25,000 photos. That's more than enough room for a day's ? or a lifetime's ? worth of entertainment.

Now, who has 30,000 songs that they listen to??


Nana said...

I love, love, love my IPod! I got it 2 years ago and it was the top of the line then. It is only 4gb though. Poppy's IPod is newer than mine and it also holds movies. This works well on an airplane. Have fun with your new IPod!

Kristy said...

What a great award!! Congrats!!

Livin 4 the Day! said...

Wow. I checked them out at Sam's today and yours is over $200. Maybe I will upgrade.