Sunday, February 22, 2009

Great Weekend

Just a post to document a great weekend which started Friday night with a visit to see baby Brody our newest great nephew. He is precious. Saturday started earlier than I liked but a great day none the less. After a morning of laundry, we headed out for Uncle D to take a team picture of P-Rae's basketball team before their noon game and then we were off to see Deep Sea at the Omni. After the show, we went to a late lunch at Dos Gringos with 13 of our friends. We then headed to the hospital for a little more time with baby Brody. Later a stop at home for a short nap and some facebook action. We then headed to Reagan's basketball game which was a great competition between the teams of two brother in laws, my nephew & nephew in law. It was a great game. Today was church with all its fun and fellowship. We had a visiting preacher who did an awesome job of presenting God's word to us. All in all a great weekend to turn another year older.

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Nana said...

Now you know that Andy is 'precious' so you can not let him hear you say Brody is precious. Even though I agree! I just took some home made chocolate chip cookies over to Brandon and LeAnn. Brody was sleeping in LeAnn's arms.