Saturday, February 7, 2009

Those were the days

Thursday at work a friend of mine was cleaning out a filing cabinet and ran across a book that was dated 71-72 which caused us to reminisce about where we were at that time. I was a sophmore and he was graduating from high school. Another co-worker walked in and proceeds to tell us she was in grade school. We told her to go away 'cause she was making us feel old. I started for the company I work for as a high school vocational student and it was really fun to reminisce about the past and all the friends that we have known through the years. My grade school co-worker was saying it was an honor to be so old. I told her I wasn't sure about that but it made me closer to heaven than her. Where were you in 71-72? Some probably weren't even a twinkle in your mother's eye but I can promise you they were good times.


Nana said...

I was a senior in high school! It was a very good year. I am still in contact with some of my friends from high school and we get together several times a year for dinner and we have also gone on a cruise and to Puerto Vallarta together. We still have lots of fun together and truly value each other and where we are in life!

Kristy said...

I was born in February of 1972!!! It was a great year, indeed!!

deneise said...

you left out that you were totally in love with your super-precious niece!!!