Thursday, January 8, 2009

This One is for Barb

Uncle D & I sure enjoyed our holiday vacation but reality kicked in Monday when we both had to go back to work. Last week, I thought I had turned into my niece because last Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I slept in past 10:00 each morning which if you know me is totally not me. If I can sleep past 6:00 a.m., I think I've slept in. So, setting the alarm this week has been a beating.

Also, earlier this week, we had a visit from our brother in law who was visiting from NM. He was here looking for land on which to build their dream house. He graced us with his pestering oh I mean presence for couple of days:
He and Uncle D enjoyed a little wii baseball, tennis, golf and bowling Tuesday evening:
Last night we were back to our normal Wednesday Bible club schedule:

And this kid was playing a mean air guitar while singing "A Happy Song": He was cracking me up.


Nana said...

Thank you Judy! I miss you when you don't blog. This is the only way I get to here from you all the time. Love you, Barbara

Beth said...

Did u guys get a wii?????