Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fun or not so Fun Saturday

We started our day going to Target for Flu shots but both ended up with Flu and Pneumonia shots which would have been $148 but with insurance cost us $ .00 =). Thank the Lord for insurance. We then headed over to catch a little baseball which Reagan's team won. After the game, we headed over to pick out frames for new glasses for Aunt J. I love Brenda at Pearl Vision who helps us. We have built a relationship with her over the last several years and she is really fun to deal with. After picking out some frames we headed to Don Pablo's for a little lunch and then back for the dreaded eye exam. Truthfully, I would rather go to my dentist than the eye doctor. Nothing against him, because he is extremely thorough and very nice guy but I just HATE having an eye exam. Oh well, after the eye exam, we go back to Brenda to drop off the RX only to find out that the frames that I choose earlier really weren't going to work. Brenda already had my new frames picked out which were great and the cost of the glasses were even less than the first pair =). Again, thank the Lord for insurance. From there, we headed to Sams and ran into some really good friends from E. TX that were visiting in town and it was fun catching up with them. After dropping off our Sams goods, our last outing was to Walmart which Uncle D always loves (ha!ha!). I picked up a RX that the eye doctor had given me for allergy eye drops and nearly choked when I had to pay $25 but when I got home and saw that w/out insurance it would have been $103, I again thanked the Lord for insurance. Now we're home, doing laundry and watching some videos we picked up at Walmart. Have a GREAT Saturday night.

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