Saturday, October 4, 2008

Technology Challenges Conquered

We have already determined that I'm turning into my mother. Like her I am basically technology challenged, she never could figure out how to set the clock on her VCR and it was in a constant blinking mode. Uncle D on the other hand takes technology and a computer and makes it look like kids play. Viewing blogs has become one of my new favorite interests. If some blogs aren't updated regularly, I've been know to give gentle hints that updates are needed. Being older than most the bloggers that I view, I didn't think I could conquer this blogging stuff. In the last two weeks, I've set up a facebook account, downloaded the 400+ pictures from my digital camera that I've had since December, organized them onto my computer into folders, tweaked the blog that Uncle D started a month ago, and learned to insert pictures onto facebook and blog. I couldn't conquer the linking thing last night so Uncle D had to step in and help. Thanks to all of my facebook friends and bloggers that have inspired me into conquering this technology stuff. Who knows maybe I'll conquer downloading music onto my MP3 player next. :) Happy Saturday.

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